More than ever, farming in Australia has become highly dependent on machinery cost and reliability. That's why OzValue AG is committed to bringing the farmers of Australia, well priced quality machinery.

OzValue AG continues to introduce such equipment to Australia. By sourcing robust and reliable farm machinery from manufacturers around the world, and then selling direct to the farmer, eliminating importers and distributors costs.

All the sizes, features, quality, and service that you used to get from those old brands... but for less money.


Now more than ever, farming in Australia has become highly dependent on machinery cost and reliability. This is why OzValue AG is committed to bringing the farmers of Australia, well priced quality machinery.

With an ever expanding range, the team at OzValue AG is continuing to introduce such equipment to Australia. OzValue AG is able to source machinery from manufacturers around the world and sell direct to the farmer eliminating importers and distributors.

All the sizes, features, quality, and aftersales service that you used to get from those old brands...but for less money.


ILGI Disc Tillers

The ILGI high speed Disc Tiller is a multi-purpose tillage tool, capable of tasks from light soil tilth and stubble incorporation, through to complete primary cultivation for seed bed preparation. Linkage and trailing. 

Available in
2.5 - 6m Working Widths


Rolmako Disc Tillers

Rolmako offer a robust range of Linkage Disc Tillers for heavy duty soil cultivations.

Quality construction and
heavy duty design, these tillers suit a variety of Australian conditions.

Available in
6m Working Width


Offset Disc Harrows

OzValue AG offer two ranges of heavy duty offset discs. Our range of offsets includes both tandem and traditional pattern configurations.

Available in
16 to 32 plate configurations

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Donder Spreaders

The Donder Brand delivers a simple machine, capable of spreading granular fertiliser, broadcasting seeds and baits quickly and accurately at a fraction of the price of many competitors.

Available in
1500 - 4000 litre capacities

Rolmako Deep Ripper

Rolmako Deep Rippers

Rolmako's Deep Rippers are perfect for breaking through hard clay pans.

They enable better moisture penetration, soil mixing and nutrient release. 

Available in
4 or 7 tyne models

Land Leveller

ILGI Land Levellers

The ILGI range of land levellers & scrapers provide a cost effective way to improve your irrigation bays, levelling rough terrain and track building or track maintenance.

Available in
2.5 to 10m


Sakalak Disc Seeder


A compact and cost effective combine seed drill with an infinitely variable metering system.  Suitable for all types of grains, seeds and fertiliser.

Perfect for pasture renovation and cereal cropping.


Grainchaser Chaser Bins

The OzValue Ag Grainchaser range give farmers a cost effective way of getting  crops off quickly.

Simple, rugged design allows stress free operation with few moving parts. 

Available in
20 tonne option. *wheat


Flatout Land Rollers

Available in three roller types the robust design of all Flatout Land Rollers means they stay in the field where most needed. Ideal for many applications including rolling lentils, peas and beans and preparing paddocks for hay.

Available in
12 to 52 ft widths


Cambridge Roller

Ideal for preparing ground for a variety of crops, the Cambridge Roller is a affordable addition to your crop preparation machinery.

Make sowing easier by breaking up stubble quickly or use  to level worked ground. 

Available in
6.2m working width

Feed Mixer Menu image

BEGIN Feed Mixers

Reliable feed mixers to Australia’s livestock industries. 

BEGIN mixers easily and thoroughly blend the feed to provide a consistent finished product.

Available in
4 to 20 m3 capacities


Used Machinery

OzValue AG now offer a range of great value used and trade in machinery. 

Have you got a machine to sell?

Contact us about selling your machine via consignment out one of our dealerships.


OzValue AG. Available throughout Australia.

OzValue AG sell all our machinery Australian wide, through our Head Office and Distribution Centre in Victoria and our specialised Queensland Dealership.